About TGIA

Taiwan Garment Industry Association "TGIA" is formerly known as "Taiwan Shirt Industry Association (TSIA)" founded in 1956.In response to the government's proactive policy of expanding garment export in 1961, the Taiwan Garment Export Industry Association (TGEIA) was therefore established. In 1974, TGEIA was restructured as TGIA. With a history of more than 64 years. A total of 143 members (including sponsors).
To meet the memberships needs of training garment -manufacturing experts, TGIA set up a vocational training center, the first institute of its kind by a national industry association, on December 1, 1980. Linko Campus, sitting on an area of more than 1,500 pings, was inaugurated in August 1985 to provide training for a vast variety of trainees.So far, more than 10,000 people have received training sessions in this center.
Nonetheless,owing to the dramatic change in the garment industry, garment manufacturers relocate their factories abroad for competitiveness while keeping operation headquarters in Taiwan. The number of people trained in this center gradually decreased. As a result, the Association moved the venue of vocational training to its building at Ai Kuo East Road in April 1996, continuing to benefit Taiwan's garment industry. In the meanwhile the TGIA is actively looking forward to assisting member manufacturers to cultivate in design and marketing, in order to enter the consuming market directly.
Under the outstanding leadership of the current Chairman of the Association, Mr. Ray Lin, and the former chairman, including Mr. Huang Ting, Mr. Wang Mu-Fa, Mr. Tsai Yuon Hsiung, Mr. Tsai Kuang- Chih, Mr. Lin Shi-Che, Mr. Jung-Hua Hsu、Mr. Roland Tsai、Mr. Walter Huang, TGIA has been prospering with excellent performance and honored with accreditation and acknowledgements from the government and authoritative agencies. The Association expects to preserve with its honor and enhance its glory in the future.
▍Organizational Chart
Taiwan Garment Industry Association (TGIA) is a civil organization approved by the Ministry of the Interior. A board of directors and a board of supervisors are established in accordance with the Associations' Charter of Incorporation. The board of directors includes several executive directors and elects a chairman and vice chairman to manage all affairs of the Association. Under the board of directors, Fives professional committees:
Synthesizing Research、Marketing Promotion、Apparel Design, Research and Development、Happy Enterprise Promotion and Youth Seeding Committee, take charge of studies, analysis and recommendation with regard to laws and regulations concerning garment industry. The board of supervisors includes executive supervisors and supervisors, who are in charge of electing a convener responsible for supervising all Association's affairs and property. Under the board of directors, a Secretary-General is in charge of all affairs; and administration division and business division in charge of various Association affairs respectively.